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We offer a supportive network of individuals and resources that are trusted, tested, and proven to positively assist those looking to break the cycle of abuse.

Teresa's Place - Child Safety Exchange

Pueblo's Safe
Exchange Center
For Children

Teresa’s Place provides a safe, secure, and culturally responsive place for parents to visit or exchange their children when domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, or stalking has occurred within the family.

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Teresa’s Place Visitation Center of Pueblo County has created a positive, accessible, and culturally responsive environment where parents and children who have experienced family violence can participate in supervised visitation and exchanges that are safe and conflict-free.Our unique setup allows parties to enter at separate locations in the building. This allows everyone to feel safe and comfortable when entering our location. Our services and policies have been developed to reflect an understanding of domestic violence and to provide safety, first and foremost, to adult victims of family violence and their children.

Our professional staff believes everyone should be treated with respect and dignity and we value multiculturalism and diversity.

Our Staff
Mariposa Center for Safety has invested time and resources toward recruiting, training, and retaining highly skilled dedicated staff capable of providing cutting-edge child and family services for men, women, LGBTQ individuals, and their children.

Mariposa Center For Safety

Customized Safety Solutions

Mariposa Center for Safety is dedicated to serving our community by providing evidence-based, trauma-informed services for individuals, families and children who have been adversely affected by domestic violence and abuse.

Teresa’s Place offers a secure exchange and visitation location for families and children who have experienced: High-conflict divorce; domestic violence; child abuse; abandonment/alienation; and/or substance abuse.

Each of these events are traumatic and effect families, parents, and children for many years. Our services were created to serve and provide support to families who are court ordered with restricted parenting time, visit supervision, and/or safe exchange.

We aim to support both residential and non-residential parents/guardians by providing a safe and supportive atmosphere for children and their parents to have the best experience possible through arts and crafts activities, a variety of toys and games and other resources made available.

We work with parents to develop service plans and connect families to community resources with the goal to equip each family and child with helpful information, community support, and social-emotional skills needed to support healthier family interactions.